Project Server 2016 available on license agreements

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Project Server 2016

Project Server 2016 is now available in the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

With Project Server 2016 Microsoft have been focusing on 5 specific areas:

A common resource management process – With Resource engagements you now have the possibility to add an approval process for resource requests. A project manager can request resources, and the resource manager reviews and approves these requests. The resource manager can also replace the resource with someone else or change the capacity given to the project manager. You can read more about Resource Engagements in an earlier blog post (LINK ENGLISH).

Transferring the new knowledge about scalability and performance from Project Online – Project Server 2016 is built on the same code base that was used for Project Online. The experiences gained around scalability and performance have been used to improve Project Server 2016.

Consolidating of data – Project Server 2016 does not have a separate Project Server database anymore. It is all stored in the SharePoint content database.

Easier installation – You no longer do a separate Project Server installation. With Project Server 2016, the installation is an integrated part of the SharePoint Server installation.

More web-based functionality – Project Server 2016 has more web-based functionality than previous versions. In addition to Resource Engagements, one thing that can be mentioned are the multiple timelines.

You can read more about Project Server 2016 on the Microsoft blog, or see the official TechNet dokumentation here.




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