Portfolio overview highlights investment needs and increases the precision of the planning process

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Nordlandsnett builds and maintains the electric grid. The level of activity is high, with the building of housing, hotels, fisheries etc. All of these require electricity. The capacity of the grid must be increased accordingly. Nordlandsnett must make prognoses for the energy- and capacity developments. This information is applied when estimating future needs and requirements in the grid. There are hundreds of projects per year related to developing the grid.

«The Portfolio overview gives us a very good oversight and feeling of control over current projects. Equally important; we get an overview of the projects we post-pone. These projects will also be implemented in due time. With the help of the solution, we are able to plan this work as well as estimating the needs for future investments” says Bjørn Pedersen of Norlandsnett.

Nordlandsnett has workflow as part of the solution. This ensures that all projects follow the same process and methodology. It is of great help to the project manager, ensuring efficiency across the portfolio. Secondly, when all projects are implemented in a similar fashion – one can compare them, thus learning from them too.

The solution is integrated with the ERPsolution; AX. This integration collects cost-data so that one can get a total overview of the finances per project. This increases the level of precision with regards to prognoses and further improves the planning process.

The portfolio overview is set up to highlight operational deviances. These can be handled efficiently and promptly with appropriate actions.

The advantages of having a database-based solution are numerous. The data are easily available for reporting purposes. Top management can get reports enabling sound decisions.

Collaboration, both internally and externally, is enabled through Sharepoint functionality. Information is stored centrally and made available to the right personnel. Finding information is made easier, which in itself is a benefit.

The implementation of the solution was started in 2014. The focus lately has been improvements and adjustments, as the main implementation was finished. “We are constantly learning, thus also improving the solution continuously” says Bjørn.

The solution Intersoft has implemented is based on Microsoft Project Server, together with Sharepoint, delivered by Acando. The integration from AX to the PPM-solution is developed by Intersoft.

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