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In Intersoft we are working with very diverse customers, many with specific company policies on language.

Sometimes this requires a bit of extra thinking when we see Microsoft standard translations of MS Project and Project Online – What field are we actually looking at?

The translations aren’t always consistent, and they don’t adhere to any specific project management methodology throughout.

And sometimes it all goes wrong – lost in translation. This is one of those times:

MS Project has a date field that is used to register when work starts again, on a task with a break in the work. This field is called “Resume”. Below you will se a screenshot from a plan created in the English version of  MS Project 2010:

MS Project 2010 Engelsk

Next you can see the same project plan in the Norwegian version of MS Project 2010:

MS Project 2010 Norsk

But now, transferring the plan to Project Server 2013,2016 or Project Online….

The English version will look the same.

Project Online Engelsk

And in Norwegian:

Project Online Norsk

And all of a sudden you have a Curriculum Vitae planned, as a date, for time critical job applications?

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