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Virksomhetsprosjekttyper i Project Online

Enterprise Project Types

In Project Online you can have a different setup for all the different project types in the organisation. This setup consists of 4 separate parts:

  • An MS Project template
  • A workflow for the project
  • Metadata specific to the project type
  • A SharePoint template

Even if a great deal of the configuration has been available on Enterprise Project Type level before, some important parts of the setup has only been on the Project Online root level. Some of these root level settings had to do with how a project is connected to a project site on creation and how this was maintained. Several of these settings have now been moved to the Enterprise Project Type. We have described the main changes and their effect in the paragraphs below.

Creation of Project Sites

Previously you had to select on a Project Online root level if a SharePoint site should be created on creation of a project. With the new changes, you are able to make that selection on an Enterprise Project Type level. This means that you could have as an example a project type for “large projects”. For projects of that type, a project site is created automatically. For the project type “small projects” it is up to the project manager if he/she wants to create a project site. This new functionality gives a larger degree of freedom with regards to when sites are created and how many.

In addition you are also able to specify a location of the project site that is outside of the Project Online site collection. You could create a project site directly in the company Intranet.

Project Online Enterprise Project Types

SharePoint setup for Enterprise Project types

User synchronisation

Project Online has a built-in function for synchronising the users to a project site. When this functionality is activated, everyone that has the right access to the project in  Project Online will automatically be granted access to the project site. This is very useful functionality, but it can have an effect on performance if a lot of groups needs synchronising. With the new changes, this can be done on the Enterprise Project Type level, and not just on root level, the way it used to work.

The user synchronisation is only supported within the same site collection as Project Online.

Project Online user synchronisation

User synchronisation between Project Online and SharePoint

 Language setup for Enterprise Project Types

You used to have to select one common language setup for the whole of Project Online. Now you are able to select this on an Enterprise Project Type level as well. With the possibility to choose language on project type level, you could have a project type for international projects, with English, and Norwegian for the other project types.

Project Online language for Enterprise Project Type

Setup of language for Project Online Enterprise Project Types

Do you want to know more

If you want to have a look at the official Microsoft blog on this, you will find it here. And to learn more about how to optimize the performance of Project Online, have a look at this page.


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